"Bales of Hay" for Horse Rescue Farms and Wild Horse Sanctuaries

All Horse Rescue Farms and Wild Horse Sanctuaries that are sanctioned 501(c) non-profit organizations are eligible to be listed on this site. We encourage our visitors to open these links and gain an understanding of how these organizations care for and protect these wonderful animals.

Thank you for coming to this site. Anyone who visits here can do much to help any Wild Horse Sanctuary or Horse Rescue Farm. Some things can be done for free, while others require a small expenditure. We value both and thank you for your participation.

Here's How You Can Help!

  • Directly Support a Sanctuary or Farm

  • Simply go to any Wild Horse Sanctuary or Horse Rescue Farm website listed here and make a direct donation of any size. Remember,just $10.00 will purchase a bale of hay!

  • Copy and Paste This Site URL and Email to Everyone You Know!

  • Obviously, you do not want to spam anyone, so discretion should be used. However, every American, horse lover or not, should be interested in learning about a government agency that is directly violating the will of the American people. To add insult to injury, this same agency is wasting millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.

  • Email or telephone the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)! or/and the Department of the Interior

  • First, click on "Stampede to Oblivion", then, midway down the page you will find both an email address and a phone number for the Director of the BLV. Be sure to be both respectful and direct in your email or conversation. Next, click on Department of the Interior and scroll midway down the page to "Contact Us" under the heading PUBLIC. From there, you will see a telephone number, an email address, and a Feedback Form. Again. remember to be both respectful and direct in your mail or conversation.
  • Use the Madeline Pickens Website to Contact Other Government Officials.

  • First, click the "Home" button on the upper left. Then, click Madeline Pickens on the right. From there, click any one of the graphics on the right. Explanations will follow.

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