Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

Most people are familiar with horse drawn carriage rides, but have never experienced riding in, or driving, any of the different types. Many years ago it was a common affair, but the advent of the railroad and the automobile has reduced the use of carriages to sport and recreation.

There have been many types of carriages used over the years. Some of these include:

The Stagecoach

A four wheeled enclosure, essentially a covered wagon pulled by a team of 4 or 6 horses. Before railroads, stagecoaches were a very popular method of travel, not only thorough out the west, but also in the east.

The Sulky

A two wheeled cart that is used in harness racing.

The Brougham

Similar to a stagecoach, but has a window in the front allowing passengers to see forward. It is also more elaborate than a stagecoach.

The Chariot

A lightweight four wheeled cart, popular in the 19th century. It ,was named after the ancient Roman carriage.

The Horse and Buggy

A lightweight two or four wheeled carriage seating two people. It is pulled by one or two horses. It may or may not have a canvas top.

There are many destinations that offer carriage rides of one type or another. It is difficult to go through life without crossing the path of a horse drawn carriage. Central Park in New York City and downtown Chicago are famous examples, but private carriages abound in many cities thorough out America.

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