Cattle Drives

Cattle drives were a unique and exciting part of America's western history. The spectacle of thousands of cattle being driven across hundreds of miles of untamed land in Texas and Oklahoma to the rail heads in Kansas is a scene played over and over in western movies. It is part of our culture and will live forever.

These monumental drives ended in the late 1800's when railroads expanded into Texas. Over 10 million cattle had been driven north to feed the growing population in the east. Smaller drives continued until the 1940's when cattle trucks became cost effective to transport the cattle to stockyards and meat packing plants.

Today, many cattle drives take place within the confines of individual ranches moving large herds of cattle from pasture to pasture. Some of these drives are over 100 miles. If you are the adventurous sort, you can actually learn to ride and wrangle cattle while on a real cattle drive.

Spending your vacation on a modern cattle drive can be a wonderful and romantic time...if you're up to it. You might first try a few days working on a ranch, spending long hours in the saddle, eating chuckwagon food in the great outdoors. and generally doing the things that cowboys do. You may or may not find that sleeping under the stars or in a tent and living the cowboy life is a perfect vacation for you and your family. On the plus side, a cattle drive can be a rewarding experience for children, building confidence and self esteem.

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