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A Little Dude Ranch History!

Dude Ranches are an American tradition, much romanticized by the adventures of Theodore Roosevelt.

It was after the turn of the century, around 1920, when the first western ranches began accommodating paying guests. These "dudes", "tenderfoots" or "greenhorns" were mainly from cities in the east. During the early part of the century, the transcontinental railroad brought easterners to a western railroad depot, where they would be picked up by a ranch hand driving a wagon or buggy. In other cases, vacationers arrived driving their own wagons, buggys, and Model T Fords.

Accommodations varied greatly, often plain and primitive, but as time passed more luxurious versions of the dude ranch became available. Hunting and fishing activities were often a highlight as were home cooked meals.

In developing this page of our site, we cannot help but refer to the writings of Emily Zimmerman.

Ms. Zimmerman has written an engrossing and complete story of the history of dude ranches beginning in the 1920's and continuing through current times.

It is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the American west or for anyone who is contemplating a ranch vacation. You can explore Ms. Zimmerman's writings at Emily Zimmerman's Writings

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