Horse Rescue Farms

The following pages contain a list of Non-Profit Horse Rescue Farms from all over America. Most are staffed by volunteers and all are in need of your help.

We urge you to open some of the links below and read about the fantastic work done by these organizations.

Since it became illegal to slaughter horses in the United States, over 100,000 horses are sent to Mexico and Canada each year. There they are slaughtered, often in cruel and inhumane conditions. Many of these horses are young and healthy and none deserve to die in concentration camp conditions.

Thousands of these horses could be saved with just small efforts on the part of many people. Horse Rescue Farms are an excellent answer to save these animals, but most are in dire need of funding.

Our program "Bales of Hay" offers simple and painless methods for you to give quality support to these wonderful organizations and the animals that they cherish. Won't you take a few minutes to consider

"Bales of Hay"?

Rescue Farms A -D

Alaska Equine Rescue, Alaska 102
Ally’s Haven, Colorado 103
American Standardbred Adoption Program, Wisconsin 104
Angel Acres Horse Haven, Pennsylvania 105
Angel Horse Rescue, Oklahoma 106
Animal Protection Coalition, Indiana 107
Animal Welfare Project, Pennsylvanbia 108
Another Chance 4 Horses, Pennsylvania 109
Apache Junction Horse Rescue, Arizona 110
Arabian Horse Rehoming Resource, Texas 111
Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation, Arkansas 112
Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, Arizona 113
Best Friends Animal Society, Utah 114
Black Forest Animal Sanctuary, Colorado 115
CANTER, California 116
Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York 117
Central New England Equine Rescue, Maine 118
Colorado Horse Rescue, Colorado 119
Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Maryland 120

Rescue Farms D-H
Rescue Farms H-L
Rescue Farms M-S
Rescue Farms S-Z

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