Horseback Riding Games

Horseback riding games can put your riding skills to the test, and challenge your comfort zone as well. Riding in either the arena or on the trail can be fun and fulfilling, but it is always exciting to partake in some friendly competition with other riders.

Horseback riding games are so popular that there are even virtual games that allow you to play online, such as Horseland or a Virtual Horse. If you’re an aspiring horse owner, but don’t have a horse of your own, this is a way for you to enjoy horse games.

However, if you are taking horseback riding lessons or if you ride at a stable with other riders, then games on horseback can be fun for everyone.

These games are actually referred to as gymkhana, or o-mok-see, depending on where you are located. The term originated in the United Kingdom and was used by the military for training their cavalry.

In one game, riders would bend poles to ensure that they could ride swiftly through dense forests. Overtime, these games became fun events for adults and children alike.

Native Americans also had their own version of horseback games, which is where the term “o-mok-see” is derived. These games on horseback are usually timed and may involve several riders participating at once, or with each rider taking a turn.

Horseback games often include:

Barrel racing, Pole bending, Flags, Egg and Spoon races, Walk, Trot, Canter and Lead Race, Pairs races, and Stake races

There are a variety of different games that can be played on horseback as well as off with the horses being led rather than ridden.

To be successful at horse games, it’s important that you have a horse that is well-trained and obedient. Many games include frequent mounting and dismounting as well as jogging on a lead line. If your horse won’t stand for mounting, then you’re going to have a difficult time competing in these types of games. Additionally, your horse needs to be responsive to your cues, as well as being quick.

A good gymkhana horse will quickly go when asked and quickly stop when asked. As a rider, you must be able to mount and dismount rapidly and with ease. You must also be able to sit tight through quick turns and fast gallops. Speed, agility and solid horsemanship skills are a must to be competitive in this sport. The proper tack and equipment is also important to help to ensure the safety of both the horse and the rider.

Over the years horseback riding games have grown in popularity and new games have been developed in both the UK and the US. They offer fun for students taking horseback riding lessons and allows them to test their skills against each other.

Games are often included at horse shows for fun with winners of the games getting some sort of prize to recognize their horsemanship skills.

A horse show may at times consist totally of horseback riding games. Riders and horses compete against other competitors that also travel to the show.

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