Horseback Riding Tips

To ensure your success as a new or beginning rider, consider the following horseback riding tips. These horseback riding basics will ensure the safety of both you and your horse.

Learn the Language

One of the things that horseback riding lessons can teach is the lingo that horsemen and women use. Learn what the various parts of tack are, learn the parts of the horse, and learn the grooming tools and how to use them.

Don’t Walk Behind a Horse without Communicating

While it is never appropriate to duck under a lead line while a horse is tied up, it is also not appropriate to walk behind the horse without first communicating your intentions. When you need to move behind a horse, stay close to his body and rub your hand along his side and over his rump. Although it may seem safer to distance yourself from the horse’s rear, it’s actually more dangerous, unless you stay at least 10-12 feet back. Should the horse decide to kick for whatever reason, if you are close to him, you will give him less room to cock and fire his leg. The result is that you will be less injured than if you are 2-3 feet out from his body. You might consider this horseback riding tip as one of life's valuable lessons.

Learn How to Do an Emergency Stop

Once you are relatively comfortable on a horse, your horseback riding lessons should also cover how to stop a horse in case of an emergency. There is a very specific way that you stop a horse that has decided to run away with you on board. Your riding instructor should teach you the proper way to make this stop so that you are able to think clearly and be prepared should a runaway occur.Consider this as one of your most important horseback riding tips.

Learn How to Fall or Do an Emergency Dismount

Granted, the last thing you want to do is to fall off of your horse, but riding is an inherently dangerous activity and it’s best to ensure that you are prepared to fall if necessary. This is another technique that you should learn in a riding lesson.

Always Get Back On

The old adage about climbing back into the saddle isn’t just so you look fearless. In fact, it restores your confidence as a rider and helps to ensure your horse’s confidence in you.

When you fall, your horse often becomes frightened by that as well as by whatever frightened him initially. Getting back on the horse shows the horse that you’re okay, he’s okay, and in turn, shows your riding companions that you’re both okay.

Of course, if you’re injured, you need to seek medical attention before getting back on your horse. If you are unable to get back on your horse, ask a riding companion to ride him for a bit after your fall. That is often helpful to the horse’s confidence.

Always Ride the Same Direction of the Other Riders in an Arena

Riding a horse can be similar to driving a car. Go at the pace of the traffic. If you need to go faster or pass someone, always pass on the left.

If for some reason you can’t ride the same direction as the other riders, you should ride left shoulder to left shoulder. This is something that you will use daily in horseback riding lessons, as some horses simply move faster than others.

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