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Stable and Riding Basics

The majority of stables offer trail riding as a featured activity. Trail riding is the way most people learn basic horseback riding. There are literally thousands of horse riding stables that rent horses by the hour, day, or even week. Most often, horseback riding beginners will elect to go on a 1 to 2 hour horseback trail ride just to get the experience before embarking on something more challenging.

Often, a horse back riding adventure consists of a family, perhaps a family reunion, or just a group of people that simply want to share the experience with others. Being a rider and seeing the country from the back of a horse is an experience not soon forgotten. There is something magical about being out in nature on a horse. This this type of riding is usually known as "pleasure riding" or "recreational riding". Or sometimes just "horse trail riding". A GAITED HORSE is usually the best choice for maximum comfort when riding. There also are several POPULAR HORSE BREEDS that are often available for trail riding.

Horseback riding safety is often emphasized with many stables and ranches providing horseback riding helmets and safety instructions to their clients. Also, not to be forgotten is that horseback riding exercise is an excellent way to improve one's physical condition.

Depending upon the terrain, on horseback riding trails you may see waterfalls, scenic overlooks, hidden trails, wildflowers, creeks, autumn leaves, and historic places. You may even experience horseback riding on the beach if you are in one of the water states. Horseback riding on beach is not to be missed if at all possible. Beach horseback riding through the surf at a gallop on a deserted strip of sand is one of life's great pleasures. And for those who have accomplished the skill, bareback riding on the beach is an even greater thrill. Trail rides are usually led by an experienced guide or possibly a wrangler who knows the area and has led many rides in the past. Some ranches feature professional horseback riding guides or "outfitters" to lead their rides. An outfitter may also lead horse camping rides of 2-3 days or even more.

Some stables and ranches offer horse riding competitive events that test the rider and the horse. This may include getting over a log or some other obstacle, crossing a river or stream, or opening and closing a swinging gate.

While most people are mainly interested in pleasure riding, trail riding is also an equestrian sport with riders covering a distance of 15+ miles per day for one to three days. These competitions are used to show the relationship between the horse and the rider. Horsemanship is also judged at some competitions.

Poker rides are popular in some areas. Contestants have five to seven stopping points. At each stop, riders draw a playing card. The idea is to have the winning hand at the end of the ride. There is no skill required, just a matter of chance.

On overnight rides a packhorse is often used to carry food, supplies, tents, and other goods to make overnight camp. This is often necessary because the terrain is too difficult for vehicles, but is surmountable by horses. These horse pack trips often require experienced riders and horses.

Picnicking is also offered by many horseback riding stables and ranches and is a wonderful way to "get back to nature". The trail guide will use a pack horse or chuck wagon to haul food and supplies, or arrange to meet others at a campground or predetermined location. There are many public and private campgrounds that welcome horseback riders. It is always special to have chuckwagon food that was cooked over an open campfire.

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