Tack and Apparel

The Tack and Apparel Directories at the bottom of this page are the best and most used Directories in the Equine world. They include boots, saddles, clothing, bridles, halters, and horse trailers and hundreds of other items.

Horse Tack

Horse tack is the collective term for the many items that go along with owning and riding a horse. These include many different accessories for different methods of riding horses. It is divided into two types, Western and English.

Horse riding equipment is generally expensive, but is usually seen by horse owners as a long term investment. It can remain in good condition and be serviceable for many years if it is cared for properly. Swap meets can be an excellent place to find slightly used tack if new is beyond the budget.

For each piece of tack that is purchased, it is first necessary to evaluate the needs of both the rider and the horse, as compared to the type of riding that is to be done.

Some items that are necessary include saddles, saddle pads, stirrups, spurs, bridles, d-rings, armor, reins, bits, harnesses, horseshoes, driving harnesses, and treats.

Horse trailers also fall into the horse riding equipment area.

Riding Apparel

Be certain to select the proper riding apparel and equipment when you plan to go horseback riding. There are literally many hundreds of stores that sell riding gear. Prices range from inexpensive to luxurious.

Horseback Riding Helmets

The most important piece of equipment that you will purchase is the helmet. Used helmets are often available, but for this piece of equipment, it is best to buy new and be certain that the helmet fits properly and gives maximum protection. Helmets weigh as little as 9 oz. and are ventilated. Many fitting systems are available that make for a safe and comfortable fit.

Be certain that the helmet has the ASTM/SEI seal of approval. In December, 2005, the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. made it mandatory for participants in horse jumping competitions to wear a helmet that meets ASTM/SEI standards. Some events do not require a helmet to be worn. These include western, saddle seat, and dressage among others.

Helmets are available in both Western and English styles as well as in a multitude of colors. Cost usually ranges from $50 and up.

Horseback Riding Boots

Unlike helmets, used boots are fine, especially in a tight budget. Be careful of boots that do not have a raised heel, such as winter boots, construction boots, motorcycle boots, and others. These boots are more likely to get caught in a stirrup, which can be very dangerous in an accident. The heel of the boot should be raised at least 1 inch from the sole of the boot.

Your riding boots should be both comfortable and appropriate for the type of riding that you do. Cost usually ranges from $100 and up.


Jeans and sweat pants are the pants of choice for many riders. You should be alert to avoid chafing from horseback riding pants that bunch or wrinkle on the inside of your legs. English riders often wear stretch tights with leather knee and seat patches. Leather riding chaps or half chaps are often preferred in the winter to break the wind. Cost varies widely.

Shirts and Jackets

Trail riding requires nothing more than a typical shirt, sweat shirt, or even T-Shirt, assuming that the weather cooperates. For many. western shirts are the garment of choice. For cooler days, a vest, sweater, or a coat may be advisable.

If a coat is needed, a winter riding coat will spread over the saddle rather than tucking under your seat. Winter riding gloves may be advisable.

If you are planning to show your horse, you may need show clothing.

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