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Market America

First, click the Market America graphic on the right.

The Home Page contains:

  1. The Shop Consultant name (Owners of the Market America Portal that you are viewing)
  2. The amount of Cash Back that you have earned to date
  3. A powerful Search feature for any product

  4. "Our Brands" are the 2,500 premium quality Market America branded products

  5. "Partner Stores" are the other 5,000 stores in the system (Click to find a store alphabetically)

  6. Other buttons are self explanatory

At the bottom of the Home Page

  • "My List" is a list of individual products that you have assigned to a personal list for a future shopping visit.
  • To Order, choose any product that you like. This example will use an Isotonix product.

    1. Click "Our Brands", then click "Isotonix", then click "See all items from Isotonix" at the bottom of the screen
    2. Scroll thru the items to find one or more that you wish to purchase and enter a quantity
    3. When finished, click "Add To Cart"
    4. Click "Save To My List" for any item that you may wish to purchase in the future
    5. Click "Proceed to Checkout"
    6. Complete the billing and shipping information and finalize your order

    That's it! Twenty percent of the retail cost of any Market America branded product will be paid to your chosen Wild Horse Sanctuary or Horse Rescue Farm. Plus, you have earned Cash Back of 2% to 35% of any product purchased. If a Sanctuary or Farm has not been selected, the retail profits of 20% will be sent to the Sanctuary or Farm of the Month.


    Amazon offers an amazing number of search and sort capabilities to find virtually any product in any category. You will also see an informative Customer Review Section for virtually any product.

    In any Department, you can specify Brand, Customer Review Rating, Certifications, Price Range, Discount, and Seller to view only those products that meet your specific needs.

    The site is exceptionally well organized and easy to use. A discussion of features could be never ending. We recommend that you click on the Amazon link and explore. To place an order, simply search and soft until you have the exact product that you want to purchase.

    Click on the product and then click on "Add to Cart".From there simply follow the intuitive choices.

    That's it! From 2% to 17.5% of your purchase priced will be paid to the "Wild Horse Sanctuary or the Horse Rescue Farm of the Month."

    If you wish, you may re-direct the commission payment from the Sanctuary or Farm of the Month to any Sanctuary or Farm that you wish. Simply Forward the Amazon Confirmation Email for your purchase to and note the Sanctuary or Farm to be paid.

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