Wild Horse Sanctuaries

Wild Horses.....The History and the Disgrace!

Although horses appeared on the continent in prehistoric times, the Spanish next bought horses to America in the 1500's and 1600's. Many escaped and ran free and wild and for over 500 years and became symbols of our American western heritage. It is estimated that in the early 1900's, and possibly as late as 1960, there were over 2,000,000 of these magnificent animals, often called "mustangs" running free in the Western range.

Since then, the wild horse population of 2,000,000 has dwindled to less than 33,000 horses over 10 western states. Each year the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), with the use of airplanes and helicopters, cruelly rounds up over 10,000 of these wild horses where they are locked into dry and dusty holding pens, many expected to die. Each year, over 1,000 horses do not survive the ordeal.

The BLM "warehouses" over 45,000 horses in holding facilities, costing taxpayers over $70,000,000 s year. BLM claims that wild horse populations are exploding, straining resources, and starving other animals, and thus they should be controlled.

They further claim that the roundups are necessary to maintain the "ecological balance of nature." The BLM makes this claim in the face of the fact that on public lands, cattle outnumber wild horses 200 to 1. Additionally, cattle are an invasive species that are much more devastating to the ecosystem than wild horses. Critics of the roundups claim that ranchers and landowners are unduly influencing the BLM for their own gains.

The bottom line is that a national treasure and a 500 year old link to America's rich historical past is being steadily eliminated from your public land in a policy that completely violates laws enacted in 1971.

One solution to the problem are the Non-Profit Wild Horse Sanctuaries in America. These are private lands where wild horses can run free and wild as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. The sanctuaries range in size from several thousand to several hundred thousand acres. The costs to operate and administer these sanctuaries is borne by private individuals along with donations from caring horse people. Much more funding is needed.

Please take the time to click some of the links below and read about the wonderful work that these sanctuaries and volunteers are doing.

See how you and the "Bales of Hay" program can help this heart rendering situation.

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